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Aluminum Additives

We are offering a wide spectrum of Aluminum Additives in which the main metal is aluminum. The additives that are added to these products are copper, zinc, silicon, magnesium, copper and so on. The range of the products we offer are heat treatable or non-heat treatable. Aluminum is the most widely used metals used in various areas such as transportation, packaging, construction, electronics, household items and more.

Aluminum is a non-magnetic, soft add ductile metal that is used for its low density and also marked for anti-corrosion properties. Apart from these our Aluminum Additives with the major properties of aluminum, are good thermal and electrical conductor, reflector of heat & light, highly recyclable and non-toxic. With the addition of other metals in it, our offering gives good casting features. These are available in the form of tablets, granules, powder, etc.


  • Used for boat building and shipbuilding
  • Utilized in aerospace and automotive uses
  • For manufacturing cycling frames and components
  • Used for external automotive body panels
  • Widely used in breathing gas cylinders