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Aluminum Master Alloys

We are well known for our high grade Aluminum Master Alloys. These are base metals such as copper, nickel, aluminum combined with each other with different percentage of one other. These are majorly semi-finished product and used as a raw material by various industries. The alloys we offer are available in various shapes such as wires, cubes, rods, plates, coils and so on. The process of formulation of these aluminum alloys includes melting of various needful metals, then blending together and casting into different shapes.

The reason behind melting of metals and forming Aluminum Master Alloys is adjustment of composition to achieve the desires chemical specification. And second reason is changing of the properties of metal for the requirement. The properties includes their strength, conductivity, ductility, surface appearance and more. Master alloys are more technical, economical or both if compared to pure metal. We are specialized in fabrication of outstanding master alloys.


  • Used for decorative copper plating and in electroplating
  • Utilized in the production of special steel and stainless steels
  • Used in the galvanizing industry
  • In the battery for reduction of the aging effects of recurrent draining and charging cycles.
Aluminum Beryllium Master Alloy
Aluminum Beryllium Master Alloy
  • Standard GB/T27677-2011
  • Is used as hardeners, grain refiners, modifiers.
  • Chemical name AlBe3
  • Made from high quality raw material.
Aluminum Titanium Boron Wire
Aluminum Titanium Boron Wire
  • Made from aluminium, titanium and boron.
  • Structural name AITi5B1
  • Waffle ingot, 7~8kg/ingot
  • Broken ingot, 0.5kg/tablet